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Lab Testing & Human Trials Show Volufiline™ Can

Increase Breast Volume By Up To 8.4%!

Developed by a leading team of scientists, and subjected to a rigorous program of laboratory and human testing, Volufiline™, the foundation ingredient of the Total Curve™ Gel, has been shown to increase the volume of adipose tissue in the breast by up to 8.4%...

... For a noticeable, measurable increase in the overall breast volume!

Let's take a look at the science behind Volufiline™ and analyze how it performed in both laboratory tests and human trial:

Result Of Lab Test #1

Cells Exposed To 1% Concentration of Volufiline™
Take Up 492% MORE Fat Molecules!

To determine the success of Volufiline™, two laboratory experiments were performed:

In the first experiment, scientists sought to measure the additional amount of fat molecules (lipids) that human cells pick up when exposed to Volufiline™.

A group of cells were isolated, and exposed to 0.5% and 1.0% concentrations of Volufiline™ over a six-day period. The lipids they picked up were stained red.

Here are the results:

Figure A.
normal cells (colored red) that have NOT been exposed to  Volufiline™

In Figure A, you see the normal cells (colored red) that have NOT been exposed to Volufiline™.

Figure B.
cells that have been exposed to a 0.5% concentration of  Volufiline™

In Figure B, you see the cells that have been exposed to a 0.5% concentration of Volufiline™.

Figure C.
cells that have been exposed to a 1% concentration of  Volufiline™

In Figure C, you see the cells that have been exposed to a 1% concentration of Volufiline™.

As you can see from the results, the cells exposed to the 1% solution of Volufiline™ took up 492% more fat molecules than the cells not exposed to Volufiline™!

Results From The Human Trial Prove:

It Works For Real Women, Too!

Testing in the lab was just the first step...

In order to make sure that Volufiline™ would absolutely work for any woman, a group of 32 volunteer women were recruited.

Each woman participating met the following criteria:

  • Was between 18 & 35 years of age
  • Had maintained a stable weight for 3 months
  • Was NOT pregnant or breast feeding
  • Hormone status was rated as stable

... Then, each woman participating in the trial was instructed to apply Volufiline™ to ONE breast, twice daily.

Scientists then compared and measured the treated breast against the untreated breast of each woman at Day 28 and Day 56, looking for differences.

Here's what they found:

  Treated Side Untreated Side
Change at 28 days (avg) 1.4% -0.1%
Best results at 28 days (8 women) 6.6% -6.4%
Change at 56 days (avg) 2.2% 0.9%
Best results at 56 days (8 women) 8.4% -2.0%

Note that 25% of women participating saw a 6.6% increase after 28 days... and a 8.4% increase after 56 days!

Here's a visual representation of the percentage increase:

visual representation of the percentage increase

The conclusion is clear:

While results do vary by individual, Volufiline™ has been proven in clinical trials and a human study to *measurably* increase volume of fat tissue in the breast...

... Resulting in breasts that both look FULLER and feel FIRMER!

Click here if you'd like to see a complete PDF report of this trial.